Healthy & Delicious

Ethiopian food is fibre rich and high protein! We have colourful vegetable dishes and amazing flavour.

Vegan Friendly

We have multiple vegan options. We use lentils, chickpeas, assorted vegetables and more!

Unique Experience

Our flavour and experience is unique to Ethiopian culture. You will not be disappointed!


Over 25 Years of Business

Since 1994 Enat Restaurant has been family owned and operated in London, Ontario.

We have a diverse selection of flavourful and filling dishes. Our wots (stews) range from spicy to mild, with options for vegan and vegetarians as well as meat-eaters.

Ethiopian food is a social experience where you share your platter with your friends and family. Our meals are not eaten with utensils, you use your hands to gather each bite. Gursha is an Ethiopian custom where you feed one another using your hands, as an act of friendship.